Friday, March 23, 2012

QUEEN - The Ultimate Best Of... (Invaluable Edition) (2011) ~KAT.PH ONLY~

QUEEN - The Ultimate Best Of... (Invaluable Edition) (2011) ~KAT.PH ONLY~

QUEEN - The Ultimate Best Of... (Invaluable Edition) (2011) ~KAT.PH ONLY~

HASH: 383AC682B78F95E839EB217AB2A40C706C79A3A3

*QUEEN - The Ultimate Best Of... (Invaluable Edition) (2011).zip

+01. Made In Heaven.mp3

+02. A Kind Of Magic.mp3

+03. Too Much Love Will Kill You.mp3

+04. Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3

+05. Another One Bites The Dust.mp3

+06. Under Pressure.mp3

+07. Killer Queen.mp3

+08. Radio Ga Ga.mp3

+09. Fat Bottomed Girls.mp3

+10. I Want It All.mp3

+11. Bicycle Race.mp3

+12. I Want To Break Free.mp3

+13. Innuendo.mp3

+14. You're My Best Friend.mp3

+15. Don't Stop Me Now.mp3

+16. It's A Hard Life.mp3

+17. Breakthru.mp3

+18. Save Me.mp3

+19. We Will Rock You.mp3

+20. Crazy Little Thing Called Love.mp3

+21. Who Wants To Live Forever.mp3

+22. Headlong.mp3

+23. Somebody To Love.mp3

+24. Now I'm Here.mp3

+25. The Miracle.mp3

+26. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy.mp3

+27. I'm Going Slightly Mad.mp3

+28. Play The Game.mp3

+29. The Invisible Man.mp3

+30. Flash.mp3

+31. Hammer To Fall.mp3

+32. Friends Will Be Friends.mp3

+33. Seven Seas Of Rhye.mp3

+34. One Vision.mp3

+35. The Show Must Go On.mp3

+36. We Are The Champions.mp3

+37. You Don't Fool Me.mp3

+38. The Show Must Go On (duet with Elton JOHN).mp3

+39. Let Me (Live) (duet with Rod STEWART).mp3

+40. Princes Of The Universe.mp3

+41. The Great Pretender (Freddie MERCURY solo).mp3

+42. I Was Born To Love You.mp3

+43. Heaven For Everyone.mp3

+44. Under Pressure (Rah Mix) (duet with David BOWIE).mp3

+45. Somebody To Love (Live) (duet with George MICHAEL).mp3

+46. Another One Bites The Dust (duet with Wyclef JEAN).mp3

+47. QUEEN (duet with Brian MAY).mp3

+48. These Are The Days Of Our Lives.mp3

+49. Las Palabras De Amor.mp3

+50. Thank God It's Christmas.mp3

+51. No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) (duet with Roger TAYLOR).mp3

+52. Barcelona QUEEN (Freddie MERCURY's duet with Montserrat CABALL

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